Francis Vergunst

Francis Vergunst is a postdoctoral researcher in developmental public health at University of Montreal. His current research focuses on childhood self-control – particularly disruptive behaviours – and its long-term association with employment success and economic prosperity. The aim of this work is to help identify at-risk children so that they can be targeted with early intervention and support. Francis previously completed a PhD at University of Oxford where he examined the use of compulsory interventions in psychiatry and how they affect patients’ long-term social situation. He holds an MSc in mental health studies from King’s College London and BSc in psychology from University of Aberdeen.

Julie Salla

Julie Salla received a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bordeaux. Her work was centered on the study of well-being, health, and achievement among young pupils and athletes. Her research focuses on the development of interventions that promote the health and well-being of children and adolescents. Currently, she is working on a control trial intervention which aims to promote the development of social competencies and emotional adjustment of preschoolers in France.

Massimiliano Orri

Massimiliano Orri received his training in both psychology (BSc and MSc, University of Padua Italy and PhD, University Paris Descartes France) and public health (MSc methodology and statistics, University Paris Sud and Postdoc, University of Bordeaux France). He is currently a Marie-Curie and CIHR postdoctoral fellow at McGill University (McGill Group for Suicide Studies and Research Unit on Children Psychosocial Maladjustment). Massimiliano’s current research focuses on childhood risk factors for suicidal behaviours across the lifespan in population-based cohorts.