Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Lisa Girard

Impact of the early childhood environment on children’s long-term mental health. Currently a Lecturer at University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Marie-Claude Geoffroy

Protective and risk factors of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts in adolescence. Currently an Associate Professor at McGill University, Canada

Dr. Julie Laurin

Resilience in childcare services: impact on self-control and prosociality. Currently an Associate Professor at University of Montreal, Canada

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pingault

Distinguishing the role of childhood hyperactivity and inattention in academic achievement and mental health problems in young adulthood. Currently a Lecturer at University College London, UK

Dr. Angèle Consoli

Development and etiology of internalizing symptoms in childhood. Currently a Child Psychiatrist at the Pitié Salpetriere de Paris Hospital, France

Dr. Chantal Mongeau

Use of preschool childcare services and child development. Currently a Research Associate at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada

Dr. Amélie Nantel-Vivier

The role of prosociality in mental health. Currently a Clinical Psychologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Canada

Dr. Isabelle Ouellet-Morin

The role of gene-environment interactions in the development of antisocial behaviours in girls. Currently a Professor at the University of Montreal, Canada

PhD Candidates

Dr. Laura Pryor

Longitudinal associations between overweight and mental health symptoms during childhood: Etiology, causal sequence, and mediating factors. Currently a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Dr. Alexandra Roquette

Sex differences and similarities in the development of internalizing disorders between childhood and adulthood: The role of biological and social factors in the gap between the sexes. Currently an Epidemiologist-Research at Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Paris, France

Dr. Suzanne Manningham

Predictors of the quality of childcare quality and interventions to improve quality. Currently Professor and Director of the School of Psychoeducation, Laval University, Canada